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Rave New World 
Kirk Field


Fatboy Slim

“I love this book! thoroughly recommended."

Gok Wan MBE

"Time travel is possible! Every page will transport you back to the bass line that was the heartbeat of a revolution."


“ Amazing!  The perfect balance of history, hedonism and humour.”

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Kirk Field

As a humble barman at the headline-making orbital raves, Kirk Field witnessed the moment acid house exploded. Inspired by media lies to start writing the truth about what he saw unfolding, he became the ‘raving’ reporter for the clubber’s “bible” Mixmag (‘89-‘94), covering the historic parties from the inside, before sending sweat-soaked dispatches from distant dancefloors as the scene exploded across Europe and beyond, crossing paths with a random cast of characters who include The KLF, Timothy Leary, Brigitte Nielson, Diego Maradona, Michael Eavis, The Orb, Genesis P. Orridge, Boris Yeltsin, Boy George, Saddam Hussein’s wife, Norman Lamont’s dominatrix, Jesus Gil, , the President of Tunisia, the CIA, the KGB, Dave Courtney, HRH Queen Elizabeth II, and Pan.


From dancing in an airfield in Suffolk to staring down the barrel of a gangster’s gun in Soviet-era Moscow. From selling cartons of Ribena for £1 to losing £150,000 on a rave in a Spanish bullring. From playing with The Prodigy in a Sports Hall in Cambridge, to waiting for a chauffeur to ‘Top of The Pops’. This is the story of adventure and discovery as rushed the gurn of the millennium


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Working alongside The Loop charity.

The Loop’s mission and vision include a commitment to developing a nationwide network of drug-checking services that is non-judgemental, accessible and available to all. This requires us to consider equality of access, and through doing so, recognise the challenges and barriers which may exist for individuals and communities. We are then able to consider responses and deliver solutions.

Fatboy Slim

“I love this book! It triggers so many memories from the rave era. Thoroughly recommended!"
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