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Acid House Cabaret

Rave culture hits the greatest gathering for spoken word performance (after Jackanory: The Stageshow)…the Edinburgh Fringe!


A unique one-man show from the UK’s premier rave raconteur, inspired by his best-selling, ARIA award-nominated Amazon #1 book “rave new world: Confessions of a Raving Reporter” (Nine Eight/Bonnier)


Take a strobe down memory lane to a simpler time. Tales of revolution, acid-house storytelling, and musical mischief to mark the 35th anniversary of the 1989 acid house hysteria. 

Discover the true identity of DJ Roofrack, play ‘Rave Family Fortunes’ and, ‘Have I Got Acid House News for You?’, embrace the absurdity of rave flyers, discover the real words to your favourite 90's dance anthems, and spin the song wheel of steel to choose the last choon of the night. 


Has appeared @ Strummerville @ Glastonbury, Camp Bestival, Wilderness, Fatboy Slim’s ‘All Back to Minehead’, Snowbombing, ‘Louder Than Words’ + toured to paid audiences.


rave new world has been the UK’s best-selling dance music hardback and audiobook since release, receiving industry-wide endorsements from Robbie Williams to Ratpack and many more.

“Kirk entertained us at ABTM. Thoroughly recommended” Fatboy Slim

Rave New World: Acid House Cabaret is appearing @ Edinburgh Fringe 2024 in Other Yin, Aug 13th - 26th @ 7.15pm 

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