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(1st ever Slipmatt interview (4:00) setting up the rave (15:15) and interviews with ravers (22:22)

Druid ceremony @ Coventry Eclipse Summer Solstice '91


The night I invited my Druid friends from Stonehenge to celebrate the solstice in downtown Coventry. A legendary party featuring Dave Seaman, John Digweed, Nipper, Laurent Garnier, Dave Ralph and Alex Patterson (The Orb)

Guru Josh milks a goat in Mayrhofen, Austria on The Word, Jan 1993.

Raindance 1989 


First coverage of Raindance and Slipmatt by a journalist. Asking why the sound system was silent and the marquee was empty. October 1989, Jenkins Lane, London.

Croatias First Rave


Croatian TV interview explaining Kirk Field's role in taking rave culture to Croatia. Filmed at Under City Rave, also featuring Melanie and Troy Zuluking.

London Book Launch


July spoken word event and book signing to celebrate the release with old friends from the original '89 scene.

Drug Testing


An excerpt from my Dartington spoken word show in support of The Loop charity.

Alcohol vs Extascy


An excerpt from my Dartington spoken word show.


Ultimate Lover – URO (feat Melanie):

Zorba’s Dance – Bouzouki Joe:

Let the Sunshine – Solaire (feat Amber):

The Final Countdown – Full Power!

(feat MC Vitamin K):

Talk Radio Europe Interview

Talk Radio EuropeInterview
00:00 / 33:54

Audiobook Extract – Sunrise 1989

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